It’s Friday

So much to do and not enough time. So much to be purchased or paid for and not enough money. So much to learn and not enough brain space to hold it. I have so much I want to do and accomplish. Right now though I want to go sit in my comfy chair with a hot cup of tea, my crochet, one of my favorite movies on and a book by my side for when I want to read. I want to take a stroll on the beach when its windy right before a storm. I want to hear the waves crash up onto the shore. I want to feel the breeze on my face and in my hair. I want to feel the sand on my feet. I want to smell the ocean.

It’s Valentine’s Day

I am sorry but this holiday seriously annoys me. I love flowers and really love roses but for real, you want me to pay double for them. You want me to go to dinner with a massive crowd of people. Sorry but I want to told all through out the year that you love me. I want you to do things for me through out the year. Luckily my husband dislikes this holiday as well. Although one year he was really adorable and gave me a stuffed bear (yes, I still have it), specialty chocolates and a beautiful card. It about made me cry. Tonight we will be at a meeting for our firehouse and will go home afterward. Nothing special but that is ok with me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend!

Your Royal Purple Queen!!

Published by Candyce

I am a mid 40 year old woman who has dealt with depression and anxiety most of her life. I am married and the only baby I have is a 6 year old rottweiler fur baby. I have been a volunteer EMT/FF for 24 years.

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